Fueled by its exploding business in Mexico, Immunotec will soon open new offices and a distribution center in Mexico City. Work is well underway at the new location and excitement is mounting amongst Consultants in Mexico who look forward to the new headquarters they will call home. Secure, conveniently located and proudly branded Immunotec, the grand opening is slated for mid- to late February.

Immunotec Director General for Mexico, Gabriela Moreno, also looks forward to the new Immunotec offices: “We are very proud of what Immunotec Consultants have accomplished in Mexico over the past year. Their success is testament to their passion for the Immunotec products and the business opportunity they represent. The opening of our new site will be an important milestone in the growth of Immunotec’s business in Mexico and will offer our Consultants here a wonderful opportunity to more fully leverage our resources and support.”

During the first half of December, Antonieta Walker Macias Valadez was warmly welcomed to Immunotec’s Head Office in Montreal where she trained for her new corporate role as head of the Mexico City call center. Already a key player in the organization in Mexico, “Tony” has many years of network marketing experience and a keen understanding of the business in Mexico.


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